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I miss Aparna by Chris SpaideChris Spaide, 01 May 2014 21:20

Can I do Bishop or Baldwin? thanks.

Re: Week 11 requests by Sara GormanSara Gorman, 11 Aug 2009 18:01

Can I do Ashbery, Bishop or Plath?

Re: Week 11 requests by Craig PlungesCraig Plunges, 11 Aug 2009 17:59

Can I do Angels in America?

Re: Week 11 requests by Joanna GJoanna G, 11 Aug 2009 16:31


I was wondering if I could request O'Neill's Long Day's Journey into Night. (PS my handout for this week will be uploaded asap)


Week 11 requests by katyreekatyree, 11 Aug 2009 15:09

This may be too late (if so that is perfectly fine!), but could I possibly do Ishiguro next week?

Re: week 10 requests by katyreekatyree, 04 Aug 2009 19:14

Can I do Barthes or Beckett?

Re: week 10 requests by Craig PlungesCraig Plunges, 04 Aug 2009 16:13

Can I do Pinter for the coming week?

week 10 requests by Joanna GJoanna G, 04 Aug 2009 04:18

So, given some of the texts we're currently reading (not naming names), I thought I'd start a thread for people to put down any questions, "I-feel-like-I'm-freaking-out" concerns, or puzzlements, in the hope that someone else will come along and have some thoughts.

OMG! Help! by davidweimerdavidweimer, 30 Jul 2009 23:30

Can I do Moore for next week?

Also – apologies – my Eliot sheet is going to be a few days late because I have come down with the flu.

week 9 requests by schefflscheffl, 28 Jul 2009 03:48

Could I possibly do freud for next week?



Re: Week 8 Requests by katyreekatyree, 21 Jul 2009 16:29

Can I do Eliot or, if Eliot is taken, Conrad?

Week 8 Requests by schefflscheffl, 21 Jul 2009 01:21

If it would be possible for me to do Edwards, that would be great! :) Thanks

Re: Week 7 Requests by katyreekatyree, 14 Jul 2009 18:29

I don't have any really strong preferences, but I'd like to request the Franklin/Jefferson.

Re: Week 7 Requests by Joanna GJoanna G, 14 Jul 2009 13:02

I'd like Dickinson if possible. Whitman would also be nice.

Re: Week 7 Requests by schefflscheffl, 14 Jul 2009 01:48

I'd like to do Melville if possible. I would also be fine with Whitman or Twain.

Week 7 Requests by Sara GormanSara Gorman, 12 Jul 2009 03:05

Can I do a handout on Browning for next week?

week 6 requests by schefflscheffl, 07 Jul 2009 03:22

I have a suggestion #5, which may be stupid, but if so you can all veto it.

I thought it worked really well to have fewer presentations (we only did 4 works plus the moderator overview) that were more in depth but really focused on drawing connections to other works and fleshing out broad trends. It seemed like we ended up talking about pretty much all the texts despite the limited presentations, and it was less frenetic. So my suggestion:

5) Limit the number of presentations to 5 or 6 per week, but discuss more. So like next week, we'd only hear presentations on one of the novels, one of the 18c guys, one critic, and say, one or two of the Romantics (depending on who's in town, obvi).

Re: Meeting Format by Kathryn RobertsKathryn Roberts, 01 Jul 2009 00:44

Hey Generalistas,

I thought today's meeting went really well for the relatively small number of us that were there. So, I thought I might throw out some changes in procedure and see what people think for the next meeting. I really liked that we were able to discuss works in a little more depth and throw idea around, make connections together, have fun. But obviously, when we're at full strength and holding meetings the way we have been, adding those discussions would bring us to about a 6 hour meeting.

My Options Include:

1) Really limiting people's "presentation" of their handout to just a couple bullet points to start discussion of the work. Really just a couple of minutes to open up discussion. This means an end to going through individual handouts in order to open up discussion.

2) Eliminating presentations altogether and just working from questions people had or thoughts people wanted to share with the handout maker as the local expert.

3) Ignoring these suggestions and keeping things the way they are.

4) Your wonderful idea which you'll provide in the thread below.

What do you think?


Meeting Format by davidweimerdavidweimer, 30 Jun 2009 22:01

Hey, it seems some people have beaten me to Blake, so failing that, could I take the Coleridge poems?

Re: week 5 requests by wbaldwinwbaldwin, 30 Jun 2009 08:41
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